UberAdsĀ® Advertising Solution

Machine learning optimization algorithms, accurate and scaleable custom audiences, and real-time reporting all combine to make an intuitive and performance-driven advertising platform

Mobile Advertising Platform

Benefits include increasing team productivity, reaching the right audiences, designing well-informed campaigns, identifying actual location visits, and more

Real-Time Reporting

Report key metrics real-time (within 15 minutes) by any metric and dimension, available in multiple time zones

Location Visit Optimization

Boost relevance and performance of mobile ad campaigns based on real-world location visits

Multi-Threaded Campaign Manager

Manage delivery at campaign and flight level plus a built-in creative manager for optimal workflow

Advanced Targeting Capabilities

Target campaigns with more than just basic parameters, including custom location targeting and mobile audiences

Proprietary Data Assets

Supports both access to our proprietary mobile location database as well as client-provided data

Cloud-Based Architecture

SaaS partners can launch campaigns within 24-hours

Customized Solutions

We help businesses of all sizes to increase visibility, drive more traffic, and improve commercial success

Mobile Advertising

Optimize mobile advertising with machine learning based on higher engagement or visits to specific locations

Contextualized Mobile Data

Data is sourced from a variety of high-quality suppliers and processed through a series of cleaning and contextualization steps

Mobile First DSP

UberAds' core targeting methodology is intuitively designed based on mobile metrics, including mobile OS, location history, and more

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