Why 2018 will be the year of mobile data measurement and insights

December 13, 2017 – CIO As a CEO of a bustling mobile tech firm, it’s my job to balance day-to-day responsibilities with the need to step back and observe, to spot the signs of important trends that affect our business. It isn’t difficult to spot one trend I believe will define 2018 for the mobile location data space: measurement. In my estimation, next year will be the year of mobile location-based measurement and insights.
Let me explain. Businesses, particularly advertisers and marketers, have employed data and metrics to gauge the effectiveness of their efforts for decades. In the mobile location data sector, the last few years have been dominated by talk of measurement and attribution. More and more marketers have expressed interest in using data showing foot traffic to retail outlets or demographics of mobile users passing by outdoor media, for example.
What’s new and what we’ll see much more of in 2018 is actual spending on this type of mobile attribution and measurement, not just on digital media, but across all media spend. Anecdotally speaking, at Ubermedia, we’re seeing tangible indications that marketers are incorporating measurement plans into their campaign budgets. Over the past year, there’s been an increase in the number of RFPs submitted by clients featuring requests for measurement related data and services.
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