Covid-19 Social distancing analysis: Analyzing the data

In order to complete Step 5, you will need to:

Step 1- Prepare the file

  1. You can download an example of a public space activity comparison report here
  2. Open the first sheet called “numbers sheet”
  3. As you can see, the file structure is as follows
    1. Date- column A
    2. Country 1- devices- column B
    3. Country 1- % of total foot traffic- column C
    4. Country 1- Reported New cases- column D
    5. In Column E you will have to paste the device data of the new region you want to compare to Italy and S Korea
    6. In column G you will have to paste the number of reported new cases of the new region you want to compare to Italy and S Korea
    7. Note, always make sure you are pasting the data in front of the relevant dates

8. % of total foot traffic is calculated by dividing the number of devices for a particular date by the average N of devices for 2019 (row 96)

9. If you are trying to add a new location to compare with the data from Italy and SKorea, ask your representative to provide you with the average data for 2019 that will be used in the formula

10. You will paste that number into E96 table

11. Now you need to move the numbers from your daily visit count report into this file

12. Example of a public space activity report that you must have generated during Step 2 can be downloaded from here

13. Make sure you are copying and pasting the numbers into the correct columns and in front of relevant dates

Step 2- Transfer the data

14. In order to transfer the ‘devices’ data, generated in step 2 you have to copy the numbers from column B of the public space activity report to Column E of the comparison report

15. In order to transfer the ‘reported new cases’ data, copy the numbers from any of the sources you have pulled the data from to Column G of the comparison report

16. Make sure you edit the headlines and replace the placeholder Boston, given in the example files for the region name you are trying to analyze

17. If you have already received the 2019 average from your representative paste it to E96 table, as was described above.

18. Make sure the formula in column F was not affected by the data migration

19. The formula should read as follows

20. Make sure the formula is applied to the entire column

Step 3- Analyze the file

21. Now in order to analyze the file, you just prepared, go to the second sheet of the comparison report (Chart sheet)

22. Do not modify any of the numbers here, they are all inherited from the first sheet

23. You will now be able to visually see the comparison of your region activity (social distancing) to Italy and SKorea.

24. If you need to modify any of the dates or have other troubles with the file, please get in touch with your UberMedia representative.

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