Creating the Best Place to Work? It's all about the Intangibles

November 20, 2017 – Women 2.0 – We use the word “team” in business all the time.
We schedule “team meetings.” We ask in interviews whether a potential employee will be a “team player” if she’s hired. But to me, it’s more than just empty business-speak. The sports analogy means something to me. It’s about the importance of keeping an open mind, building a diverse group, nurturing personal and professional growth and winning together.
As someone who believes there are a lot of similarities between athletics and running a business, I saw the camaraderie and perseverance of my own team at mobile data and analytics firm Ubermedia, rewarded recently when it was named one of LA’s Best Places to Work by the Los Angeles Business Journal and a Best Place to Work by Ad Age. Perhaps sports analogies speak to me because I played basketball in high school, ran track at Caltech, or because I am an LA Lakers fan, but most likely it’s because I’m passionate about watching my own kids play basketball. Overall, a lot of the things I see at play in sports are at play day to day at my company.
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