This Fall, College Towns and Businesses Can Get Smart with Location Data

August 18, 2018 – CIO Back to school isn’t just about yellow buses, backpacks and pencils. For colleges as well as the cities and businesses that surround campuses, it means an influx of students and dollars. The fact that just about all of those people will be carrying mobile devices means there’s far more data available than ever before that can help local businesses get a better handle on who’s in town and uncover potential opportunities.
When my firm UberMedia evaluated Washington, D.C.’s Georgetown neighborhood, home to schools including Georgetown University and George Washington University, earlier this year, we used data showing the pathways to well-known shops there such as Anthropologie and Banana Republic. Anonymized mobile location data can tell us a lot – where people come from, how long they spend in each location and where they travel afterwards. Even in that simple form without additional data layered on, it’s powerful information for these large international retailers.
But it got me thinking that mobile location data could be quite useful for lots of other types of businesses and organizations around other colleges and universities. What if mom-and-pop restaurants used this sort of data to market in smarter ways? Or what if towns and cities analyzed mobile location information to learn more about where their new part-time residents come from?
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