Why Google, Walmart, Amazon and Whole Foods are pioneers in voice data

September 14, 2017 – CIO Online Each day it becomes more apparent that data is integral to every facet of our lives. Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods and the new partnership between Google and Walmart are further proof.
Each day it becomes more apparent to me that data is integral to every facet of our lives.
When Google and Walmart got together recently to allow consumers to purchase goods from the retail giant through their Google Home devices – Google’s answer to rival Amazon’s Echo technology – the potential for a fascinating new data set reflecting our everyday lives became even more clear. I’m talking about voice data, sourced from what one day could be a technology that’s as pervasive as our mobile phones and our televisions.
As revolutionary as it has been to access mobile data breadcrumbs representing our physical locations, voice data reflects everyday interactions consumers have with brands in an even more intimate setting – their homes. This is the type of data consumer-packaged goods giants and product developers of all kinds have clamored for, investing in in-home ethnographic consumer research, focus groups and other traditional methods of understanding how people interact with brands and products in real life.
Marketers have already begun experimenting with voice data derived from Amazon’s voice-activated home IoT platform, Alexa, for instance. Within the past year or so, Amazon has opened up macro-level information generated from consumer interactions with brands on Alexa. Developers and brands can track the number of unique customers accessing the content they develop for Amazon’s Echo or other devices, and even gauge the number of times people mention their brand names when using them.
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