How do Consumers Respond to Closely Positioned Mattress Firm Locations?

Q: What are the shopping behaviors of consumers that visit Mattress Firm locations that are on the same corner/nextdoor/in the same shopping center?

A: Consumers do not typically visit multiple locations of the mattress retailer.

According to the Better Sleep Council, mattresses should be replaced every 7 years. With such a slow purchase cycle (under even the best of circumstances), it seems excessive that Mattress Firms often are found clustered in the same shopping centers and intersections.

We decided to look at an intersection highlighted by one reddit user in Schaumburg, Illinois:  Link:I found a Mattress Firm next to a Mattress Firm next to a Mattress Firm across from another Mattress Firm. In fact, Schaumburg is home to 20 Mattress Firm locations in a 10 mile radius. With a population of just over 70,000, this Chicago suburb consists of about 30,000 households. Averaging just about 3 people per household ideally replacing their mattresses every 7 years, Schaumburg doesn’t need a mattress store on every corner.

The question on our minds is: What can we learn about Schaumburg and their many Mattress Firms?

We analyzed four mattress retailers that are all located on the same corner in Schaumburg, Illinois. Three of the neighboring retailers are Mattress Firms, and one is American Mattress. Mattress Firm Schaumburg and Mattress Firm Schaumburg Corners are in the same shopping center. Mattress Firm Clearance is across the street. American Mattress is next door to Mattress Firm Clearance.

Shoppers don’t visit multiple Mattress Firms

When looking at where shoppers go two hours before and after visiting one of the Mattress Firms at the corners of Roselle and Golf Road, we found that they typically did not visit another Mattress Firm during the same shopping journey.

Mattress Firm shoppers were slightly more likely to visit the competitor American Mattress (6%), but only if they had visited the neighboring Mattress Firm Clearance store, which is right next door to American Mattress.

Mattress Firm shoppers aren’t in the market for other furniture

It’s our goal to understand the typical shopping journeys of visitors to Mattress Firm and American Mattress. With this in mind we expanded our analysis to identify retailers that shoppers were more or less likely to also visit when compared to the average American consumer.

We found that Mattress Firm shoppers don’t tend to visit furniture retailers any more than the typical shopper. In comparison, visitors to their neighboring competitor American Mattress are more likely to visit other furniture retailers. American Mattress shoppers are almost 5 times more likely to visit Bob’s Discount Furniture than the average American consumer.

Interestingly, Mattress Firm shoppers are over twice as likely to visit Buddy’s Home Furnishings (68.69%) than Rent-A-Center (31.96%). We recently conducted an analysis of the two “rent-to-own” retailers following the announcement that Buddy’s controlling shareholder Vintage Capital Management is planning on purchasing Rent-A-Center. Please click here to view our findings!

Key Insights:

    • American Mattress shoppers are 484.11% more likely to visit Bob’s Discount Furniture than the average American consumer. (Mattress Firm shoppers are no more likely than the average consumer to visit Bob’s)
    • Mattress Firm shoppers are 134.39% more likely to visit Ethan Allen than the average consumer.
  • Mattress Firm shoppers are over twice as likely to visit Buddy’s Home Furnishings (68.69%) than Rent-A-Center (31.96%).
    • 6.33% of Mattress Firm Clearance shoppers visit American Mattress (next door) in the two hours before/after visiting Mattress Firm Clearance
    • 3.52% of American Mattress shoppers visit Mattress Firm in the two hours before/after visiting American Mattress
  • We found similar demographic profiles between Mattress Firm and American Mattress consumers, with fairly equal distributions in age, education, income, and economic factors. The race of consumers to both retailers varied slightly. Visitors to both retailers are predominately white or Hispanic, though Mattress Firm shoppers include about 14% more Hispanics than American Mattress.

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