Location data beyond the marketing department: A look at 3 use cases

October 20, 2017 – MarTech Today As mobile location data evolves beyond just ad targeting, contributor Eric Aledort takes a look at how it’s being applied across the entire enterprise, from urban planning to the pricing of real estate.
More and more marketers are using mobile location data to target their ad spend: In 2015, eight in 10 marketers worldwide used location targeting for mobile advertising, according to eMarketer. In the near future, mobile location data will saturate media buying and attribution reporting in the mobile-first era, becoming a fundamental characteristic of advertising.
But that’s only a partial view of its bright future and potential. Location data is already evolving beyond ad targeting to become a core asset informing strategic decisions across the entire enterprise. And as the use cases for location data expand, so too does the variety and number of enterprises that can leverage it.
In the next few years, mobile location data will continue to expand its reach throughout the rest of the enterprise. It will play a bigger role in the placement of stores, the pricing of real estate, even the layout of cities and transit lines. Here are a few near-term use cases where we are already seeing signs of adoption.
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