How location data can transform your business

March 9, 2017 – CIO – Location data is helping cities and businesses evolve to enhance services, address challenges and plan for the future.
Not far from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, The California Institute of Technology, and scores of startups like UberMedia, you can find a typewriter repair shop. The firm has been located in Pasadena, California for more than 100 years. While it might seem out of place in the age of laptops and cloud computing, it has at least one important thing in common with its tech-savvy neighbors — the right location. The difference, however, is that you probably wouldn’t expect a typewriter repair shop to thrive in such a time and place.

That expectation comes from powerful, but sometimes incorrect or incomplete, assumptions about the world around us. Increasingly, the use of location data is challenging some of these assumptions and transforming our communities and businesses.

A community is the sum of its data

Cities are becoming smarter.  They are increasingly exploring the use of mobile location-based data to enhance services, ease traffic congestion, and plan for the future.

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