LSA17: Managing Innovation – Meeting KPIs While Building the Future

March 1, 2017 – LSA Insider Innovation is not optional. But how can organizations promote innovation in ways that don’t have them chasing shiny objects? When should you embrace technology and how can you create environments where experimentation, risk taking and even failure can co-exist with accountability and KPIs?
The following panelists explored these questions at LSA17 this afternoon in San Diego:

  • Max Faingezicht, CTO @ Propel Marketing
  • Kris Barton, Chief Product Officer @ ReachLocal
  • Bernadette Coleman, CEO @ AdviceLocal
  • Michael Hayes, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer @ UberMedia

Measuring and Managing Innovation

Whether your company is a well-known, large organization or a small startup, innovation is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. At the same time, keeping it within the company’s productivity and constraints can be a challenge. Panelists at LSA17 shared their experience as leaders in their company to manage and measure innovation with their team.

The Necessity of Innovation

Michael Hayes, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer at UberMedia, noted that UberMedia has always stood by ‘reward failure and risk’, and the fact that people should not feel fearful that they will lose their job if they take risks. “This means being rewarded for testing and inventing new ideas, and not getting terminated if they don’t work,” he said.
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