Marketers, here’s how to understand what’s really behind your mobile ad visits metric

March 23, 2018 – MarTech Today  Contributor Gladys Kong demystifies store visits metrics and the various ways they’re compiled, so you know the important questions to ask your vendors.
Marketers appreciate metrics that give them a clear sense of how their campaigns move the proverbial needle. On its face, the “exposed visits/visitors” metric used ubiquitously throughout the world of mobile ad campaign measurement is as clear as it gets.
Exposed visitors represent the number of devices that were exposed to an ad that subsequently were seen in a campaign location. Essentially, exposed visits help marketers gauge the reach of their campaigns by reflecting the number of users whose devices were spotted at a specific location after they were exposed to an ad. Seems pretty simple, right?
Well, as you may have guessed, there are a lot of details for marketers to consider the next time they see visits data in a campaign measurement report. Why be bogged down by the details? It’s important for smart mobile marketers to understand the nuances behind the numbers they rely on to make important business decisions because the ways in which measurement firms calculate and report visits can vary drastically. Knowing the basics of exposed visits is a great place to start.
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