Marketers must get geeky about campaign lift and control groups. Here’s why

April 18, 2018 – MarTech Today When you ask your vendors about lift, ask them about the composition of the control group. Contributor Gladys Kong explains why sophisticated targeting methods make this question more important than ever.
Marketers, do you use mobile advertising to target specific audiences? Sure you do. And when you target specific audiences with mobile advertising, do you care about measuring campaign lift? I’m sure a lot of marketers are probably thinking, “Of course I do!”
So, why do I ask these questions if the answers seem so obvious? Because unfortunately, most marketers do not realize that if they are targeting specific audiences using mobile advertising and using a lift metric to gauge campaign ROI, there’s a lot more to know about what goes into measuring it.
Here’s the thing: Lift results are greatly affected by the way your measurement provider determines control groups. Don’t know what a control group is? I’ll explain in simple terms what a control group is, and why marketers — and their agencies — should demand that their mobile location attribution measurement providers be more transparent about how they build them.
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