How Mobile Data Integration Is Turning The Shopping Mall Into The Third Place

December 22, 2017 – Retail TouchPoints – Dire headlines about the state of the shopping mall conjure images of department store closeout signs, empty food courts and lonely mall Santas. But as the holiday shopping season approaches, that dreary picture is far off from reality for the innovative retail centers that are fostering modern-day community spaces. By creating experiential and social environments where people convene more than simply “buy stuff,” commercial retailers and brands are establishing what have come to be known as society’s third places — the next stop after home and work.
It’s this lifestyle experience-driven reimagining that is reinvigorating yesterday’s shopping mall, and in many cases, mobile technology and data is behind the evolution.
I know what you’re thinking — isn’t mobile commerce one of the reasons why brick-and-mortar retail and the mall are dying? Well, it’s not that simple. In fact, not only does mobile technology present compelling opportunities for smart retailers, the adoption of mobile is precisely why they have far more information to learn about who shoppers are and how to attract them than ever before.
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