More people visit Kohl’s after opening Amazon Return Centers  

In October 2017, select Kohl’s locations across the Chicago and Los Angeles areas designated a portion of their stores as Amazon Return centers, allowing Amazon customers a brick and mortar location to make returns free of shipping costs.
Our primary objective was to measure whether partnering with Amazon and becoming a Return Center affected overall foot traffic to the location. When compared to the previous year, Kohl’s locations that became an Amazon Return Center saw a measurable increase in foot traffic (12%).
Using UberMedia’s proprietary retail boundary technology, we identified Kohl’s locations across the country and recorded when devices visited these locations. By measuring the daily visits of both Amazon Return centers and non-Amazon Return centers over the course of 2016-2017, our team was able to control for the typical increase in foot traffic we see in Q4 due to holiday shopping while observing the significant effect becoming an Amazon Return center has on daily visits.
The presence of Amazon Return centers in Kohl’s led to a significant increase in visits when compared to the year prior (and controlled for holiday foot traffic). Specifically, non-Amazon Return centers had a 36% estimated daily visitors rise by 36% vs. before October 2017; while the Amazon Return centers rose by 48%, indicating an additional average 12% increase in average daily visitors after the launch above the normal holiday increase.

Kohl’s Weekly Visits 2017

Kohl’s Weekly Visits 2016

The Amazon and Kohl’s partnership is another example of innovative retailers offering consumer experiences that differ from typical “off-the-shelf” brands. By combining the convenience of an Amazon Return center with the variety of products offered at Kohl’s, the department store may attract a new consumer base that would have otherwise ordered online.
To learn more about the Kohl’s-Amazon partnership and how mobile location data is changing today’s competitive commerce landscape, read UberMedia CEO Gladys Kong’s thoughts at : Using mobile location data to track the Amazon bump, and other retail innovations.