Pulling Back the Curtain of Location Data

The explosion of mobile data, and specifically mobile location data over the past few years, has brought about an incredible opportunity for businesses. While data has been used in making business decisions for centuries, the type of data and its volume is changing the way we do business. Within the marketing organization, for example, direct marketing has heavily relied on location data – or simply said, household address – to drive performance for decades. However, the use of data today goes well beyond the targeting use case – it’s being used more broadly to answer question across business units and across verticals. As a technologist, it’s important to better understand the dataset with which you’re working.

There are two important factors in understanding location data. One is the quality of the data, and the other is how to apply the data to gain actionable insights. Quantity of data is important, but without quality and thoughtful processing, having a large amount of raw data is like playing a bunch of musical notes in random order – it creates noise, rather than music. Just as it takes an expert composer to put together musical notes into masterpieces, it takes data scientists to apply machine learning to turn raw data into actionable business insights.

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