Street Culture: UberMedia’s Transparency and Deliberate Growth Helps them Win Halloween

October 28, 2016 – Street Fight Magazine Last year, the team at local ad company UberMedia put on a Mad Men-themed skit for a Halloween costume contest. They called it “Uber Men,” and they won.
The team is now working on their costumes and the skit for this year’s annual contest, hosted by tech incubator idealab. The team’s participation in and enthusiasm for this event in particular is so ingrained in the culture that Gladys Kong, UberMedia’s CEO, almost forgot to mention it.
“UberMedia has been the prevailing champ of the contest,” Kong says. “The team comes together, learns the parts for the theme, everyone has a costume. I love it because I discover hidden talents that everyone has. I never knew that some of them can sing like they can or dance like they can.”
Singing and dancing isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, of course, and Kong says some employees stick to moving props around behind the scenes. Everyone is different, and the company’s core values nurture that.
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