Top 3 Trends To Watch In Ad:Tech

February 22, 2016 – BizReport – Mobile marketing and the adtech that supports it is an ever-evolving landscape of innovation and fierce competition. One expert offers three major trends that are leading the charge for 2016.
Data Science is the New Creative! 
“Marketers are ever shifting towards data-driven approaches, pushing adtech vendors to embrace quality, scalable data and powerful data science; namely, interpreting and activating the data in meaningful ways. 81% of marketers indicate that data will become more important to their marketing and advertising efforts in order to become more customer-centric and maximize effectiveness/efficiency of marketing investments,” said Michael Hayes, CMO, UberMedia.
L-ROI is the next BIG KPI
“This is the year that marketers will fully embrace real-world location visit measurement as a critical KPI (key performance indicator). Further, understanding your Location Return on Investment (or L-ROI) will be the metric that will take hold in walls of agencies and in the heads of marketers. 56% of agencies rated the use of mobile location data as one of the most important digital marketing tactics in a media plan and eMarketer predicts 38% of US mobile ad dollars will be spent on location targeting this year,” said Hayes.
Mobile is First when Captivating Consumers Cross Screen 
“Reaching consumers across screens in the moments that matter will take center stage as marketers look to find solutions to media fragmentation. With nearly 74% of US adults using smartphones and checking them an average of 150 times a day, plus consumers using their smartphones simultaneously with tablets, desktops, and watching television, marketers will embrace Omni-channel ad tech solutions that are “mobile first.” Mobile will be the connective tissue that ties together cross-channel measurement to understanding a customer’s true path-to-purchase,” said Hayes.
This article was originally published by Kristina Knight for BizReport