UberMedia Acquires Cintric, Boosts Always-On First-Party Data Pool

Deal further establishes UberMedia as a leader in mobile behavioral data science, location, and attribution, as well as geo-spatial analytics for retailers, shopping malls, restaurants, cities, and much more.
Press Release – July 11, 2017 – UberMedia, the company that provides the highest quality mobile data solutions trusted by businesses to creatively solve their persistent challenges, today announced the acquisition of Cintric, a location intelligence and analytics company for mobile app publishers. Cintric’s lightweight mobile SDK accurately measures the location signals of millions of users to provide powerful app user behavioral patterns, affinity grouping, and location intelligence.
The acquisition of Cintric and its always-on data pool is a natural extension of UberMedia’s strategic vision to provide superior business intelligence solutions to marketers, analysts, and app publishers. Always-on location data is a very reliable and precise method of understanding real-world consumer footprints.
“Cintric gives us one of the most scalable location data graphs by combining their always-on data with our own mobile location data, with more than a billion high-quality location data points collected per day,” said Gladys Kong, CEO, UberMedia. “By expanding our first-party data streams, our offering will be larger and more comprehensive than our direct competitors.”
The acquisition also enables UberMedia to diversify revenue streams and build a separate business unit that houses its proven cross-media location measurement solution and business intelligence products for brands to assess their retail health.
“We chose to join UberMedia because we believe in their holistic approach to the space, as well as their advanced data science capabilities that best position them to win in this competitive landscape,” said Connor Bowlan, CEO, Cintric. “We’re excited to bring our innovative approach to product development as well as our technical expertise to UberMedia where we’ll be able to combine our best-in-class tracking SDK and location intelligence platform with what was already one of the industry’s most impressive offerings.”
Under the terms of the deal, UberMedia will obtain a pool of persistent, always-on first-party location data from the Cintric app network, which includes a variety of weather, travel, and other types of location-based apps. Cintric’s location data provides a complete picture of consumer behavior, even enabling precise measurement of consumer dwell time in stores down to the minute. The Cintric SDK is also the most battery-efficient on the market and is set up for flexibility to comply with the latest requirements of both Apple and Android.
“By enhancing our data warehouse with Cintric’s high-quality always-on data, we’re doubling-down on our investment and commitment to being a leader in mobile behavioral data science and geo-spatial analytics,” said Eric Aledort, Chief Business Development Officer, UberMedia. “By directly partnering with app publishers, Cintric is key to enhancing our substantial real-world location data analytics to transform the way marketers understand and connect with the hearts and minds of consumers.”
UberMedia’s acquisition of Cintric is aimed at better serving marketers, advertisers, and media planners in the retail, auto, travel, and QSR sectors interested in leveraging mobile location intelligence tools to deepen their business insights for a more complete picture of consumer behavioral patterns.
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