UberMedia Launches Vista for a Complete Diagnostic View of Your Business

June 21, 2017 – Press Release Standalone suite of business intelligence tools help marketers accurately assess the performance of their businesses using unrivaled location intelligence and geo-spatial analysis.

UberMedia, the company that provides the highest quality mobile data solutions trusted by businesses to creatively solve their persistent challenges, today added a critical new component to its mobile location product line with the launch of Vista, a suite of diagnostic intelligence tools for businesses to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses through the lens of real-world foot traffic analysis, shopping patterns, and customer insights.

Vista is designed to help even the most sophisticated marketers understand foot traffic market share, competitive cross shopping, and which retail locations feed consumers to their stores. Vista also provides an in-depth view into retail site selection through optimal shopping and trade area mapping for each unique store location, including population density analysis, retail chain co-tenancy analysis, and store cannibalization modeling.

“Vista introduces one of the most comprehensive analytics suites currently available, capable of synthesizing mobile behavioral data for a deeper understanding of geo-spatial data intelligence across retailers, shopping malls, automotive, travel, restaurants, and other industries,” said Gladys Kong, CEO, UberMedia. “Clients can visualize customer insights using mobile behavioral data, demographics, and in-store dwell time. Vista enables a full panorama of their business performance.”

Vista is enhanced by a dynamic visualization dashboard for all reporting and analysis. This unique diagnostic control panel gives marketers and brands the ability to see the performance of their retail footprint through the lens of mobile behavioral and location data for faster, more strategic, and tactical business decisioning. In addition, Vista features a self-service visualization component for those who want to dig deeper and conduct their own analysis using UberMedia’s unrivaled data set.

“At a time in history when businesses must fight for every consumer, the Vista suite encompasses more than a dozen reporting solutions to help marketers accurately assess the vital signs of their business and the competition,” said Michael Hayes, CMO/CRO, UberMedia. “Vista achieves this by leveraging one of the largest mobile-generated location identification technologies currently available. We are very proud to bring this highly effective diagnostic suite to market, helping a broad spectrum of industries reach their ultimate potential.”

Vista is ideal for hotel chains, shopping mall owners and conglomerates, city planners, advertisers and marketers, media ad agencies, geo-spatial analytics firms, as well as all vertical industries such as retail, QSR, automotive, and travel, and any business that has a real-world footprint.
“Our data partnership with UberMedia has helped Men’s Wearhouse leverage the power of mobile location data and intelligence for more accurate and precise consumer insights,” said David Chipman, Senior Director of Business Insights, Tailored Brands (Men’s Wearhouse parent company). “This gives us a more comprehensive view into customer shopping behavior and how we understand retail performance, competition, path-to-purchase, trade area mapping, and retail site selection.”

“We have worked with many companies in the mobile data space, but UberMedia provides the most breadth and depth of actionable data we have seen to date,” said Gregg Katz, Director of Innovation & Technology at The Shopping Center Group. “We are thrilled to be working alongside the UberMedia Vista team to deliver in-depth analysis of consumer foot traffic behavior for tenants, landlords, and developers looking to understand shopping patterns through the lens of mobile behavioral and location data.”
According to UberMedia’s Chief of Business Development, Eric Aledort, UberMedia’s industry-leading expertise in analyzing, interpreting, and contextualizing expansive data sets was a natural foundation for the release of Vista.

“We are very glad to be helping businesses like Tailored Brands’ Men’s Wearhouse and The Shopping Center Group find new ways to gain customer insights by leveraging mobile data to help them solve some of their ongoing business challenges,” said Aledort. “We believe mobile data and business intelligence can be applied to a wide spectrum of businesses to help them make more informed decisions, and we are very excited by the opportunities that Vista opens up for all of us as well as the industry.”

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