UberMedia Releases Cross-Media Measurement Product That Tracks Ad Campaigns to Real-World Location Visits

May 20, 2016 – PRWeb – UberMedia, a cross-screen mobile insights, advertising, and measurement platform, today launched a mobile attribution measurement product that enables marketers to accurately assess how well their cross-channel media investments are driving real-world foot traffic.
Cross-Media Location Visit Measurement (xLVR) is the first measurement product to link cross-channel digital advertising to large-scale mobile behavioral data and real-world locations with pinpoint accuracy. For the first time, marketers will gain valuable insights into which media partners are driving incremental retail foot traffic, cross-shopping analysis, insight into the shopper path-to-purchase, as well as transparency into their location return on investment and market share gains and losses.
While existing media metrics recognize passive media indicators such as ad delivery, visibility, awareness, and ad recall, UberMedia’s xLVR uses mobile behavioral data to accurately measure which digital media channels (desktop display ads, video, mobile, social, search, etc.) and specific publishers are providing marketers with the most incremental lift to their retail locations, with actionable insights into consumer shopping habits.
“While mobile marketing continues a path toward explosive growth, investing against specific real-world business objectives remains a driving challenge for many marketers,” said Michael Hayes, CRO and CMO of UberMedia. “xLVR is truly a game changer. Instead of measuring media outcomes like ad impressions, clicks, or rating points, savvy marketers can now measure cross-channel business outcomes and optimize their digital media mix to retail foot traffic.”
While marketers will always rely on generic indicators to understand a baseline of delivery and success, many still struggle to figure out the ROI of their media spend. They understand brand awareness and brand affinity but often have no visibility into what actions are driving actual sales. UberMedia’s geo-location data paired with multiple-device-identification and campaign analysis is finally making that insight available, with foot traffic as the direct correlation to ROI.
“Mobile location data is the connective tissue to understanding the link between advertising and real-world business outcomes,” said Hayes. “Location visits will be the next big KPI, and xLVR allows marketers to track across their entire media spend as the true indicator of their location return on investment.”
In order to map cross-channel ad delivery to location visits, UberMedia has pioneered several patent-pending technology and data methodologies. The fully integrated platform uses sophisticated data science and multi-level machine learning to analyze billions of location and behavioral data points per day with three-feet of pinpoint accuracy to understand consumer intention.
UberMedia’s location attribution measurement reporting technology, the supporting infrastructure for xLVR, is currently being used by some of today’s top advertisers in the retail, automotive, travel, and various other nationwide brands looking to optimize campaigns toward physical location visits.