The UberMedia Team Places Its Bets: Here’s What 2017 Has In Store

Looking forward to another innovative and exciting year in mobile, members of our executive team weigh in on what to expect in 2017.

UberMedia CEO Gladys Kong discussed her views on 2017 resolutions with

Marketers should resolve to leverage mobile location data:

Most marketers use location data for social and search, and now more than half are also using location for targeting as well, according to a recent report from the Mobile Marketing Association. Marketers value location for driving brand equity and customer experience versus just leads and sales.

According to Gladys Kong, CEO of UberMedia, mobile location data will define 2017 as the year of a more intelligent, informed market strategy.

“At UberMedia, we believe that data won’t change the world without the people who understand it,” Kong said. “Harnessing the power of mobile location data to inform smarter, more strategic business decisions is the most critical component in today’s competitive arsenal, as all industries grapple with an omnichannel world in which customers are more educated, competition is fierce, and media is incredibly fragmented. Mobile location data can provide in-depth population and demographic insights, allowing retailers to analyze real-world visitation trends, assess demographic and psychographic profiles for site analysis, and forecast and measure cannibalization.”
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UberMedia CRO/CMO Michael Hayes made his predictions with LSA Insider:

Agency Review-Mageddon 3.0
After two years of agency review upheaval, we can expect yet another avalanche of advertisers putting their business up for review in 2017. One recent survey found that more than two thirds of advertisers said they are seriously evaluating their advertising agency partners.
The good news is that there should be a tipping point in 2017, as CMOs will need and value stability rather than the disruption of the agency review process. And, more importantly, marketers will more heavily weight agency partners based on talent and technology acumen rather than who can buy spots and dots most efficiently.

A New and Complicated Era between Marketer, Agency & Publisher
We saw hints of this in 2016 when, after a long and much publicized pitch process, McDonalds and Omnicom created a jointly operated “agency of the future” where the client marketing team is embedded within the agency and remuneration is tied to advertiser performance.

The takeaway is that in 2017, as marketers search for new ways to grapple with the velocity, complexity, and data deluge of marketing, we will see marketers demand to be more integrated with their agencies, publishers, data partners, and tech suppliers – all embedded into one multifunctional unit.

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At UberMedia, we are at the forefront of innovation in the mobile space. We look forward to another year of developing leading technologies in this extremely fast-paced and ever-evolving industry.

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