The only pre-bid platform with proven success for publishers

UberMedia®’s advanced pre-bid solution for in-app mobile advertising. Originally built to maximize revenue for UberMedia’s own apps, ClearBid is the most publisher friendly SDK on the market
Open platform

Thanks to UberMedia’s independence from exchanges, ClearBid is free to work with any demand source


ClearBid is built as a server-sided platform, allowing publishers to modify their ad stack without needing to redeploy their app


As a publisher friendly platform, ClearBid allows publishers to easily access bid information to monitor performance

Always updating

We are connected to the best mobile ad exchanges on the market

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Publisher friendly

What is it actually like to use ClearBid?

Cleaner ad stack

Simplify your ad stack by accessing a wide variety of demand sources through ClearBid

Universal changes to demand

Manage price bands more for multiple demand sources through a single easy to use interface

Simplified SDK

Access a wide variety of demand through a single lightweight SDK, and reduce SDK bloat in your app

Low cost no latency

ClearBid is built for efficiency, allowing for no latency and a reduced cost for our partners

On-the-fly updates

Make changes to your ad stack without needing to go through time consuming app redeployments

Fast support

Get personalized support from out team of engineers ready to assist with deployment and troubleshooting

We built ourselves a transparent pre-bid platform that favors app publishers. Now we're inviting you to join.
Jayson Ayers VP Sales at UberMedia
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The ClearBid Dashboard

Flexible and transparent


Instantly add demand

Enter in your exchange placement IDs and ClearBid immediately adds that new demand to your monetization

Comprehensive metrics

Monitor performance of ad units including CPMs, requests, impressions, clicks, bids won and received, all in near real time

How ClearBid works for you

  • 1

    Pre-fetch bids

    ClearBid SDK calls ClearBid Server before Mediation SDK is called

  • 2

    Simultaneous auction

    ClearBid Server conducts second price auction across 10+ demand sources

  • 3

    Winner sent to mediation

    Winning bid sent to mediation stack; ClearBid SDK invoked and impression rendered