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COVID-19 is a global challenge that will require the cooperation of the public and private sector in order to mitigate and ultimately solve the crisis. We have dedicated resources for providing up to date insights on consumer movement and social distancing.

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Powered by de-identified & aggregated location insights from millions of devices that have opted into sharing location

Our COVID-19 Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Covid-19 is a worldwide pandemic that has profoundly impacted every aspect of life across the globe. UberMedia is committed to deliver mobile location data sets that answer critical epidemiological, resource planning and economic questions to power crucial decision making in this challenging time.We are committed to providing low cost data to research groups focused on containing the spread of the disease as well as to our customers whose business are also severely impacted by Covid-19.  In cases where data can be used immediately for modeling, forecasting and decision-making that can save lives in places that are hardest hit by the pandemic, we will donate our data for free to those causes.


Guiding Principles

  • Richness of data and depth of insights
  • Strong collaboration and engagement with research community
  • Transparency — Data size, sources, bias, observability, methodology,
  • Privacy — De-identified data, aggregated data (when possible), No Contact Tracing
  • Speed of delivery

Statement On Privacy and Contract Tracing

Our reports are developed to be helpful while adhering to stringent privacy protocols, including compliance with GPDR and CCPA. Personally identifiable information such as name, address, email, phone are not made available at any point. All device information is de-identified and wherever possible data is provided in aggregate. Devices included in our data pool have turned on the Location Services setting on their Android or iOS device, based on an agreement with the individual app publisher. This protocol is stringently enforced by the operating platforms.Our data is meant for aggregated and de-identified insight generation. Any derivative work that attempts to isolate individuals or match a device to individual health data in order to track movement is not allowed.
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Research institutions and large-scale enterprises are encouraged to reach out for access to our package of COVID-19 insights and data designed to inform public health and economic impact studies.
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