Fast and accurate results from impression to visit

Leverage the most precise cross-media location visit measurement and attribution technology to understand your location ROI by measuring across your digital media mix down to location visits

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Why choose Vista Measurement?

Proven methodology

Measure the impact of media campaigns on driving visits to your locations

Foundational quality

Be confident in your results thanks to the quality of UberMedia®’s mobile data and location polygons

Fast results

Get results back fast with Vista Measurement’s best-in-class turnaround time

Powerful dashboard

Dig into 5 KPIs and 25 performance indicators via a powerful and intuitive dashboard

Flexible applications

Measure the results from in-app, mobile web, web, out of home, and TV advertising

Experienced support

Receive support from a team with 6 years of evolving how we ingest, refine, and actualize data

Based on high quality data

UberMedia’s data processing aggregates and distills mobile data from a variety of sources into a single contextualized supply of mobile location data

Fraud detection

UberMedia removes fraudulent location data sold by app developers to unsuspecting vendors

Accurate aggregation

Mobile location data is aggregated to achieve a high level of accuracy without sacrificing scale

Rigorous testing

Data is tested rigorously for quality and anything that doesn’t meet strict standards is removed


Mobile location data is contextualized with UberMedia’s proprietary visit determination technology

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