Summary of Privacy Policy


At a Glance – Summary of the Business Services Privacy Policy

Complete details contained in full Privacy Statements.

Who we are UberMedia, Inc. (“UberMedia” or “We” or “Us”) provides advertising and business intelligence services via its Vista services.
What we do UberMedia collects and uses information as described further in the full Privacy Policy in connection with the Vista services we provide to clients. Our Services use proprietary technology to understand mobile location information to provide businesses with insights for analytics, and research and more tailored advertising, marketing, and measurement services. We do not collect or create information that directly identifies a natural person.
What we collect We collect information from and about mobile devices such as computers, phones, and tablets. We collect a minimal of personal information to provide our Services. The information we collect (only some of which is personal information) includes the following:

  • Unique device Identifiers: The unique IDs that we collect are IDFAs for iOS, and Android Ad IDs for Android.
  • Timestamps which indicate the time the device was recognized
  • User Agent Strings that specify information such as type of browser, device and Operating System information
  • IP addresses and general location data that can be extrapolated from an IP address level
  • Latitude and longitude geolocation information (with users consent)
What we do not collect We do not collect and store the following information, among other information:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Login data/ passwords
  • Social security or financial information

We do not collect any information that directly identifies a natural person.

Why (purpose) We use this information in combination with our technology to create useful business intelligence reports analytics and data files for our clients to use for tailored advertising and marketing, measurement, analytics, research and making intelligent business decisions.
Your Rights & Options You may opt-out of data collection for advertising by any company that participates in the iab framework (most do) via the Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”) opt-out page at:

For personal information access, opt out and deletion requests with respect to any personal information processed by UberMedia, you can follow the instructions on our Consumer Choices pages. Please note that we will need your Mobile Ad IDs in order to identify your devices in our systems.